2016 Recap

Happy 2017!

Here is a recap of the last year.

In 2016 Fremont Search and Rescue was called 32 times for help. About a quarter of those calls were stood down during the initial response and planning period, usually because the person was found and/or self-rescued.

Our missions included; urban searches for minors (Canon City, Florence, Penrose, Howard, Cotopaxi), searches for challenged subjects that walked away from a care center or caregiver, missing/overdue hikers, river searches/rescues/recoveries, OHV search/rescues, among others. We were also asked to assist outside of Fremont County a few times. In April, we had our first personal locating beacon (PLB) search, which was initiated by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center in Florida, it ended well with our subject being found and evacuated to the trailhead for transfer to EMS.

Other than when we are working in town(s), or on the river, you probably don’t see us around, since many of our missions happen at night, after someone has not returned home on time. We are there when folks need help 24/7/365, so please don’t hesitate to call.

During 2016, our 30 members have donated over 8000 hours of their time in missions, training and fundraising. To stay current on our skills, members had the opportunity to attend over 50 different training sessions in tracking, medical, swift-water, rope rescue, avalanche search, alpine rescue, GPS/map usage, practice mission scenarios, etc, during the year. We also presented the National Association for Search and Rescue “Hug-A-Tree” outdoor safety classes to county 5th graders. Because we are self-funded and not part of a taxing district, members also staffed over a dozen fundraising events to raise the money that we need to operate.

In 2016 Fremont Search and Rescue became a fully accredited member of the Rocky Mountain Region of the Mountain Rescue Association, in all disciplines; Rock (high angle/scree evacuations). Snow (avalanche/winter technical evacuations and Search. We are now one of the ten teams in Colorado (+40 SAR groups) who are MRA accredited.

On January 26, 2017, we will also celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

Have a great New Years Day, and safe 2017!


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