• CPR/Medical Training St. Thomas More Hospital
    What a great medical training day! Our members learnt about spinal, pelvic and head injuries and how to transport them. We also got a refresher on how to attach a traction splint in the event of a femur fracture. On top of that we received our Basic Life Support certificates. Thank you to all the… Read more: CPR/Medical Training St. Thomas More Hospital
  • Via Ferrata Rescue Training
    Thank you so much Royal Gorge Bridge Via Ferrata crew for inviting us to your rescue training. It was a great day of Technical Ropes training with them and Canon City Area Fire Protection District. We are very grateful for these great joint training opportunities!
  • Team Training, Search and Tracking
    At Saturday’s Team Training we worked on a variety of skills, including building an emergency shelter with items from our packs, and using K-9 and tracking applications in a mock scenario.
  • Farewell Pat and Marlys Caulfield
    Yesterday the Team bid farewell to long-time members Pat and Marlys Caulfield and faithful search dog Arne. We wish them a happy retirement and all the best in their new adventures!
  • Congratulations to Canon Fire
    Congratulations to Canon Fire on their wonderful new station #3 and training facility. Most of the Team stopped by the Saturday open house and search dog Eddy even made a new friend!
  • Fremont Search & Rescue Training Day
    The Team had a busy Saturday with a mixed-bag of training topics, which included tracking, equipment, mapping and patient assessment.
  • Stop The Bleed With St. Thomas More Hospital
    Many thanks to Nancy Bartkowiak from St. Thomas More Hospital who provided a “Stop the Bleed” training for our Team on Tuesday night… Invaluable information with hands-on practice.
  • Off-Road Training
    On top of having some of our members attending AMR Safety Jam, we also had our team training yesterday in off-road vehicle training. The team got to explore some of our gorgeous trails and become more familiar with the vehicles. It was a fun and educational day yesterday!
  • Flight for Life Lift Ticket Training
    Saturday was a busy day for the Team, starting with Flight for Life “Lift Ticket” training. (Thanks, crew of Lifeguard-3!!) While the rest of the Team was doing ATV training, 3 of our members were at AMR’s annual Safety Jam event. We met a lot of great folks and provided tips for staying safe in… Read more: Flight for Life Lift Ticket Training
  • Women’s Club Donation
    Our Team was a grateful recipient of an incredible contribution from Fremont County Women Who Care! The goal of this selfless group of committed women is to improve the lives of others in our County by contributing to local non-profits… We received $4,650!!! What a tremendous gift in a year when we have had little… Read more: Women’s Club Donation
  • MRA Recertification
    It was a challenging and full weekend of testing for our MRA reaccreditation, especially with Saturday’s snow and icy conditions. The Team successfully passed 4 scenarios and will retest in high angle at a future date. Many thanks to all of the Evaluators and Observers from SAR Teams around the state and even NM who… Read more: MRA Recertification
  • 2016 Recap
    Happy 2017! Here is a recap of the last year. In 2016 Fremont Search and Rescue was called 32 times for help. About a quarter of those calls were stood down during the initial response and planning period, usually because the person was found and/or self-rescued. Our missions included; urban searches for minors (Canon City,… Read more: 2016 Recap
  • Ready When Needed – Kris Hegler
    The sound of a car horn punctuates the crisp October morning. “Jason’s here”, your 18 year-old son tells you as he makes a grab for his backpack. “I’ll be home in time for dinner”, he adds, giving you a quick hug around the shoulders. “Alright. Be careful”, you reply as Tim bolts eagerly out the… Read more: Ready When Needed – Kris Hegler