MRA Recertification
MRA Recertification

We are excited to announce that the Fremont County Search and Rescue team has re-certified with MRA.

2017 Trivia Contest

7th ANNUAL TRIVIA CONTEST WHEN: October 21, 2017 TIME: 7pm-9pm Doors open at 5:30pm WHERE: Harrison Middle School, 920 Field Ave, Canon city 81212 HOW TO ENTER:Assemble Team of 3-6 people Fill out this form, Call/Email us @ 719-345-7727 / to complete registration. COST: $60/Team To Enter: Link to Flyer in PDF

2016 Recap

Happy 2017! Here is a recap of the last year. In 2016 Fremont Search and Rescue was called 32 times for help. About a quarter of those calls were stood down during the initial response and planning period, usually because the person was found and/or self-rescued. Our missions included; urban searches for minors (Canon City,…Read More…

Ready When Needed – Kris Hegler

The sound of a car horn punctuates the crisp October morning. “Jason’s here”, your 18 year-old son tells you as he makes a grab for his backpack. “I’ll be home in time for dinner”, he adds, giving you a quick hug around the shoulders. “Alright. Be careful”, you reply as Tim bolts eagerly out the…Read More…