What To Do If You Are Lost!


Call or Text 9-1-1- and then STAY PUT!

Respond to any Text Message requesting your location!

We utilize special systems that can help locate you via your cell phone, so if you receive a text message requesting your location, be SURE to REPLY as instructed in the message!

Following the instructions in the Text Message will allow us to pinpoint your location and help us help you much more quickly


Retrace your steps in your mind. What landmarks did you see? Do you have any photos that will help you find your way back? Absolutely do not move until you have calmed down and had time to think about your situation in a clear manner.


If you are on a trail, stay on the trail, since you clearly used that path to get where you are. If you have a compass, take it out and use that tool to better understand your location. As a last resort, follow a stream or drainage downhill. This could be dangerous, so don’t make this decision lightly, but a stream or downhill trajectory will typically lead to a road or trail.


Based on the previous steps, come up with a plan. If you are not confident in this plan, stay put until you have a solid route in mind. If it is after dark and/or you are very tired, it is likely best to stay put until morning. Sunrise always lends itself to clearer thinking and rational decisions.

Utilize your 10 essentials: This is why you carry them!

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